Entries Taken on Site


Friday (6/22)

9 am - Office Opens
9 am -5:30 pm - Exhibitions 

6:00 pm - OPEN 4D

Saturday (6/23) (Pending Entries)

8 am Office Opens
8:00 am -Noon Exhibitions

OPEN 4D 12:30


8:00 pm - Retro Rodeo

Sunday (6/24)

10 am - OPEN 4D

Facility Info

Ground Rules:

-  Includes No Bull Rules listed under standard rules listed @nobullbarrels.com

-  ALL entries must check in before first run. Riders are responsible for checking the show pre-entry book and verifying entries are correct. No payment or refunds will be given on non-verified/non initialed entries

-  No entry will be accepted without a name in horse column.  Errors or non-legible forms will NOT be entered.

-  $55 Entry Fee for the OPEN (includes $1500 added each day)

-  $500 added WBRL side pot with $35 entry fee. 100% added money payback, 75% payback of entry fee.

-  $50 Entry Fee WBRL Futurity. WBRL Rules apply; see rules on WBRL webpage.  $5000 added Futurity.

-  $35 Entry Fee Grab the Bull By The Horns with $500 added. See https://www.nobullbarrels.com/no-bull-rewards for details/rules. 

-  $35 Entry Fee No Bull Non Pro with $500 added - see No Bull Non Pro for rules.

-  $40 Entry Fee - $1000 No Bull Average (Best 2 of 3 run average)

-  $35 Entry Fee - No Bull Youth Run with $500 added. May role over time from Saturday Open 4D.

-  Side pots: Youth, Adult, Masters and Pre Entry. $20 entry fee with 75% payback. Adult side pot 19 yrs. and older; Masters is 40 yrs. and older; Youth is 18 yrs. and under.

-  Pre-entries must be postmarked by June 11, 2018 or entered online June 18, 2018 to avoid late fees.

-  Average and unclaimed checks will be mailed 7/09/18.

-  It is the responsibility of each rider to verify their mailing address if not picking up checks.

-  Each entrant is expected to provide their social security number when picking up prize money.

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