The NON PRO class is designed for our 2D, 3D and 4D riders, essentially filling the gap of the 5D format, with competition within the selected group.




  • Cannot have over $10k in earnings (1D) in last three years. Honor system folks.

  • Cannot train for pay.

  • Cannot hold pro card





Payoff will be set in four divisions:


NON PRO DIVISION 1 -  The fastest 2D time entered in the OPEN that is paid into the NON PRO DIVISION will be the winning time. This time will set the other division splits.


The times for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th divisions in the NON PRO will be in ½ second splits from the entry who sets the winning time in the NON PRO Division 1.


*** If you are in entered in the NON PRO division and finish in the 1D of the OPEN results, we applaud your efforts and congratulate you on your run. Your fees will be paid to the folks who ran in the guidelines above.  This will protect our idea of a true non pro division and keep the sandbagger out of the payoff. *** 

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